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My Background

Glad you dropped by! Here’s a little of my story…

Born in the early 1960s at the “turn of the generation” to parents who both contracted polio as children, I have always felt that I’ve had one foot in the Baby Boomer Generation and one foot in Gen X. 

 As a child, I watched the Lawrence Welk Show, put rollers in my hair at night, wore Mary Jane shoes and finished all of my vegetables. I became a young adult to the music of Simon and Garfunkel, Boston and The EagIes, played Atari and watched the Vietnam Conflict unfold on the nightly news.

I grew up hearing stories from my parents’ childhood of living in rehabilitation centers for polio victims, rations during World War II, YMCA dances to the big band songs  and the innocence of love in the 1950s…but I never captured them on paper. My parents are both deceased and their stories exist only in my head now. As a freelance writer, I regret not saving them.

I can help you keep your family stories alive.  

I’m a wife, mom and writer and just–about-empty nester.  I’ve written for newspapers and magazines and I am happiest when I am at my keyboard, creating.

Give the next generation the gift of knowing your stories.

Psalm 77:11 “I will remember the work of the Lord: surely I will remember the wonders of old.”

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